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International Conference of FDdB 2017

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In September 2017 the department of didactics of biology at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg invites to the 21. Conference of FDdB , which will stand under the headline of 'Biology Didactics as a Science' and will take place in Halle (Saale). With that we combine past and present on the occasion of the anniversary of our foundation, since the topic was also the focus of the first conference in 1977.

The city, which owes its name to its history of salt production, is not only known for Handel, Halloren and chemical industry. Science also has a long tradition in Halle. With more than 500 years of history the MLU is one of the oldest universities in Germany. Today it teaches more than 20.000 students in a variety of scientific disciplines. Halle also was a centre for the development of social humanistic education in the late 17th century, based on life and learning in the “Franckesche Stiftungen”, which still are a centre of learning for pupils and (future) teachers alike.

Halle is a location for numerous research institutes, e.g. Fraunhofer-Institute, Leibniz-Institute, Max Planck Society and Helmholtz-Zentrum to name only a few.  This makes Halle an important scientific centre in Germany. Halle is also the site of the Leopoldina, the world’s oldest continuously existing academy for medicine and the natural sciences.

The department of didactics of biology at the university prepares future teachers for their profession. A central element of this is an emphasis on competence orientation. In remodelling the module structure of the course this was implemented in lectures, seminars and practical trainings, based on the national requirements concerning the standards for teacher training. A high amount of teaching is related to real-life conditions, continuing the traditional way of teaching at East-German universities, which also served as a role model for universities in Western Germany. Focus of the local didactic interest are MINT education and outdoor-education, the latter of which is also enforced by the fact that the departments of didactics of biology and geography share an interdisciplinary professorship.

The conference will take place in the Melanchtonianum, Universitätsplatz 9, 06108 Halle (Saale).

You can reach our team via vbio2017[at]


We look forward to welcome you as a participant of the FDdB-Conference in Halle!

The following link will open our ConfTool-site, where you can register and sign up for the conference as well as submit and organise your contributions.

Please be aware that the submission deadline is the 01.04.17.

Conference Program

Programmheft FDdB-Halle 2017.pdf (1.3 MB)  vom 08.09.2017

Abstractband_VBio_2017.pdf (14 MB)  vom 08.09.2017

Exkursionsprogramm FdDB im VBio Halle.pdf (203.7 KB)  vom 17.03.2017

Call for Papers

Here you can download the call for papers in German:
Call_for_Papers_Halle_2017_deutsch.pdf (464.9 KB)  vom 07.03.2017

Here you can download the call for papers in English:
Call_for_Papers_Halle_2017_english.pdf (395.8 KB)  vom 07.03.2017

This is the call for papers for the Forum "Science and School" (esp. for teachers) :
Forum_Schulbio_Callforpapers_VBIO_FD-Tagung_2017.pdf (304 KB)  vom 10.03.2017

template for the submission of your contribution
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Several hotels in Halle offer accomodation especially for participants of the conference. These are accessible via the form below.

You can find inexpensive accomodation at Hostel No.5 or the youth hostel. These two are not accessible via the form below.

Participation Fees

Conference Fees

(includes the conference fees, conference drinks, evening program and abstract booklet)

FDdB-member: until 31.05.17 160€, after that 190€

non-member: until 31.05.17 260€, after that 290€

students (member): until 31.05.17 100€, after that 130€

students (non-member): until 31.05.17 140€, after that 170€

Fees for Teacher Professional Development Course "Science and School"

FDdB-members: 10€

non-members: 15€

students (members): 10€

students (non-members): 15€

Bank Account

Please pay your conference fees to the following bank account:

Institut für MINT- und Umweltbildung Halle e.V.

Volksbank Halle

account number: 0001504894

IBAN: DE31 8009 3784 0001 5048 94