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Courses in the didactics of biology

Studying with children

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In Halle, you will study to become a teacher for biology in grammar schools (Gymnasium) or secondary schools.

Summary of school system    (in German).

Course of studies are modular, but not stepped. Therefore you will not attain a Bachelor and Master degree, but instead study until your first state examination (1. Staatsexamen). During the course of studies, you have to attend both subject-specific courses and courses of didactics. Your credit points are divided 80:15 (subject-specific/didactics) for teachers in grammar schools and 65:15 for teachers in secondary schools. You complete your course of studies with an examination paper which can be either subject-specific or on didactics of biology.

You can find an overview on the courses in didactics here.

Overview on the modules of the diadicts of biology

Schools which offer practical school training:

Christian Wolff-Gymnasium, Halle-Neustadt   

Giebichtenstein-Gymnasium „Thomas Müntzer“, Halle    /

Sudienordnung.pdf (80.3 KB)  vom 12.07.2011

Grundpraktikum Chemie für Lehrämter

Schulpraktische Übungen

Schulpraktika (SP I & II)