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CV Martin Lindner (short version)

1975-1976Abitur in Kiel, Civil Service
1976-1982University studies as pre-service teacher in Biology and Chemistry
1983First State Examination
1984-1985Teacher in-service Training (Referendariat)
1986-1996Teacher at a Gymnasium (High-School) in Rendsburg, North-Germany
1993-19970,5 delegation to the Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematic Education at the University of Kiel. Development of teachning maerial to teach Neuro-Science
1997-2000Teaching at the University of Flensburg, Germany
2000 - 2010Coordination of the German SINUS-Program on State level (Program for the Advancement of Mathematics and Science Teaching), and Coordination of more projects (see "projects")
2002Defense of my dissertation "Vegetation and Stratigraphy of Sphagnum bogs in North Germany and South Jotland (Denmark).
2010Full Professorship for Biology and Geography Education at Martin-Luther-University Halle
2022Retirement, since then teaching as lecturer in Biology and Primary Education.
Continuing of international projects.
Natur conservation work in Schleswig-Holstein (North Germany)