Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

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Staff members

Prof. Dr. Sarah Dannemann
Head of department

+49 345 55 26400
Prof. em. Dr. Martin Lindner
+49 170 2445316
Janina Köhler, Dipl.-Oecotroph. (FH)
Lab assistant
0345 55 26402
Dr. Angela Peterson
Research assistant

0345 55 26383
Marie-Therese Rupf
Research assistant

0345 55 26405
Christina Langfeldt
Research assistant

0345 55 26449
Tobias Held
Research assistant
Teresa Fritsch, Research assistant
Sebastian Körnig, Research assistant / teacher
Florian Woithe, Research assistant/ lecturer/ teacher
Silvana Tornack, BSc, Lab Assistant
Chris Wenzel
Mirjana Matic-Strametz, external PHD, Dipl.-Biol. Dipl.-Hdl.,
Maximilian Bolte
Doctorand, extern

0345 55 26449
Babett Tauber
Doctorand (extern, Hygeinemuseum Dresden))
Dr. Andreas Ammann
Lecturer, assistance in research projects

former members of staff

André Stein
Doctorand, extern
Dr. Francesco Cuomo
Former Research assistant, now Prof. at Alice-Salomon-
Univ. Berlin
Dipl.-Biol. Alexander Finger
former Research Assistant, now Univ. Leipzig
Sandra Rudolph
former EU-project staff
Dr. Louise Bindel, B.A.
former PHD
Stephan Domschke
Doctorand, project staff third-party funds
Anna von Gruenewaldt
Buen Vivir Project (Ecuador)