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Developing an Out-of-School Learning
Curriculum for Teacher Education Programs (ERASMUS+ mit Haceteppe Uni Ankara, Uni Prag and Uni Banska-Bystrica, Slovakei) 2019-2021

DigitUS 2019-2021
BMBFfunded program for the integration of digital tools into classroom work
Collaboration with LMU Munich, TUM, Teacher Training Center Munich and Uni Wuppertal

PARENTStem 2018-2021
Involving Parents into STEM activities with pre-schoolers
Collaborating with Kikkikalle/Turkey, Barcelona, Odense and Bulgaria

Serious Online Games - Research program (FFP) of the center for multimedial teaching and learning LLZ (2018-2020)
SUP4PCL School and University Partnership for Professional Communities of Learners
Collaboration of 4 European and 4 Egyptian universities, supported by Erasmusx
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Wilde Nachbarschaft (Wildernis in the Neighbourhood) 2016-2019Link
Science4Life Mobile Lab 2016-2019
SciVis - ERASMUS+ Project 2014-2016

SCICAMP - "A Network for Science Camps in Europe", EU-Comenius Network 2013-2016

INSTEM - "Innovative Networks for Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics education", EU-Comenius Network 2013-2015

ew approaches to STEM Education - DAAD Project with American University of Cairo
ESTABLISH - European Science and Technology in Action Building Links with
Industry, Schools and Home / 2010-2014

SINUS - Program for Advancement in Mathematics and Science Teaching
SINUS Transfer 2003-2007

Chemistry in Context 2001-2008

PARSEL - Popularity and Relevance of Science Edudation for Scientific Literacy / 2006-2009

CROSSNET - Crossing Boundaries in Science Teachers Education / 2006-2009

Science in Context 2006-2011

Year of the Sciences, Schleswig-Holstein 2010-2011